Need For Forensic Science in the Criminal Investigation Process In Nigeria.

Amali, Mohammed ; Nwafor-Orizu, Ngozi Onyinye (2019)


Proof beyond reasonable doubt is the requirement of our criminal law. The policy derives from the fact that human justice has its limitations, especially given the grave injustice that can be wrought by a wrongful conviction. Nonetheless, the criminal justice process depends on evidence and inference, And although it is said in criminal jurisprudence, that it is "better than a hundred guilty persons escape than one innocent person suffers the possibility of error is inherent in any system of justice. however, the difficulties experienced by judges, lawyers and prosecutors alike in arriving at the justice of a matter, where conflicting versions of the events are presented, are huge. against this background, and using the context of doctrinal/analytical methodology, this paper evaluates the extent law on criminal investigation process in Nigeria, The paper identifies the limitations of the current legal framework and recommends the deployment of forensic and other scientific instruments, devices or platforms, in the criminal investigation process. This is to guarantee the reliability of evidence to be reliability of evidence to be relied upon by the courts in the just determination of criminal matters.