Implications of Globalization on Trafficking in Persons in Nigeria

Edet, Anthony Emmanuel ; Udefuna, Patrick Nnadozie ; Abayomi, Quadri Kolapo (2022)


Over the years, extant literature by various scholars has been in existence on the propelling forces of trafficking in persons, however, this study examines globalization as being the catalyst of the illicit trade of Human Trafficking in Nigeria. The paper is aimed at revealing the synergy that flourishes between globalization and Trafficking in persons with Nigeria in focus. This research work traces the history and dimensions of globalization as well as x-rays its relationship with Human Trafficking. Information for the study was gathered using the secondary source of data collection which include; journals, textbooks, and the internet. For further clarification, the Globalization theory was adopted as its theoretical framework. Further, the study explains that the quest for better living conditions resulting from poverty has lured citizens into the web of Human Traffickers. Finally, the paper proposes some possible recommendations to ameliorate the adverse effect of globalization which is the menace of human trafficking. They include; Industrialization, Nigerian borders should be effectively guarded to checkmate Human Trafficking, and globalization should not be utilized as a tool for neo-colonialism by the capitalists; among others.