Tackling Youth Unemployment: Need for a Coordinated Approach

Onyimadu, Chukwuemeka ; Ezechinyere, Ibe (2019-04)

DESR Research Issue Brief Issue 4, No. 11

Working Paper

Youth unemployment all over the world has attracted so much attention in many literature not only for the policy makers but also for the academia for young people are seen as the next generation of potentially productive and social leaders. However, the issue of unemployment in general persistently remains one of daunting challenges facing the government at all levels (both Federal Government and sub-national governments) even with different strategies and programmes sets up to reduce the menace. Moreover, policymakers are well aware that economic growth is largely dependent on finding gainful and sustainable employment for as many people as possible. Therefore, unemployment remains one of the most critical challenges facing Nigeria today and it is one of the macro-economic problems every government is expected to seriously monitor and tackle headlong because the higher the unemployment rate in an economy, the higher would be the poverty rate and other social vices associated with it.