NILDS Contribution to the Total Number of Bills Passed by the 8th Assembly as of 31st October 2018 (Post Concurrence)

National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (2018-11)

The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) as provided by section 2 of its enabling Act, has the power among others to provide training, capacity building, research, policy analysis, and legislative support services for the legislature at the Federal, State and Local government levels. In exercise of its legislative support mandate, NILDS has since its establishment in 2011, has made contributions in aiding the National Assembly in exercising its law making function. Focusing on the 8th Assembly, NILDS made contributions to 29 Bills out of the 111 Bills passed by the 8th Assembly post concurrence (as of 31st October 2018). This working paper, provides graphic illustrations on NILDS's contribution to the passage of bills, to the 8th Assembly post concurrence.

Working Paper