The Effects of Some Selected Legislations on Good Governance in Nigeria: A Study Of 8th National Assembly, 2015 - 2019

Okorie, Ganiat Adogeri (2022-05)


This study examined the effects of some selected legislations on good governance in Nigerial focusing on the 8th National Assembly. However despite numerous laws passed since the commencement of the 8th Assembly, Nigeria is yet to experience tremendous improvement in governance. The laws made have not had positive impact on the lives of Nigerian. For instance the chandler good governance index 2021 report ranked Nigeria 102 out of the 104th nation under review. Hence the need to examine the effect of some selected legislation with regard to good governance using the 8th assembly as a case study. The study examined the effects of some selected Acts of the National Assembly on good governance and identified the perception of the citizens on policies needed to compliment legislations to ensure good governance in Nigeria. In other to achieve these objectives, the study adopted the mixed research design relying on primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected through the use of structured questionnaires while the secondary data were taken from published material like gazettes of the National Assembly, journal articles, and the internet. Data were subjected to Descriptive Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). However, data were presented in tables folowing the thematic order. Based on first specific objective, the majority of Nigerians agreed that some of the bills passed by the 8th National Assembly reflected the views of Nigerians on achieving good gornance in Nigeria but lack of functional mechanism to ensured successful implementation and lack of foresight to unforeseen challenges, limited the success of the bills passed. Based on the second specific objective, the finding reveals that other policies based on citizen perception that needed to be put in place beside legislation to enhance good governance are policies on poverty reduction, security, justice, amongst others. The study recommended that lawmakers should be proactive in helping to promote policies on security issues, poverty reduction, security, justices amongst others. The study recommended that lawmakers should come up with other legislation thatwill help checkmate and correct implementation challenges on the side of erring agencies beside oversight function be proactive in making provision in legislations that will help manage negative feedback when these legislations fails to achieve intended objectives. They should also help promote policies , issues on security, poverty reduction, security, justices amongst others.