Reversing the Persistence of Infrastructural Deficit in Nigeria: Role of the 8th National Assembly

Asimiyu, Abiola ; Aderemi, Taiwo ; Obutte, Charles (2015-06-24)

Technical Report

The continuous challenges of infrastructure in Nigeria over the decades have been a concern to policymakers. It is more worrisome when one considers the huge expenditure that has been incurred on infrastructural development, with little achievements. Although numerous literature exist on the impact of infrastructure decay on the economy, our attempt in this study is to examine the persistence of infrastructural under-development in the country. The study answered questions relating to why past efforts by the government have not succeeded. We, therefore, contributed to the debate by identifying solutions to the nation’s infrastructural challenges. The identified obstacles to infrastructure development in Nigeria are intense corrupt practices dominating huge capital projects, institutional weaknesses, lack of continuity of development plans, and structural problems with the PPP framework. Strengthening PPP initiatives, decentralisation of infrastructure provision, and a comprehensive planning framework could address the persistent infrastructural challenges in the country.