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  • Conservation and Preservation of e-Resources 

    Ahmed, Abdulkadir Idris (NILDS, 2015-03-03)
    The presentation focused on electronic resources as a part of the library resources. It discussed the nature of E-resources and ways to conserve and preserve them for effective use.
  • Core Function of the Legislature: Legislation 

    Amucheazi, Offornze D. Prof. (NILDS, 2013-11-05)
    The presentation discusses Legislation as the core function of the Legislature. It focused on the need for lawmaking, factors that determine the performance of the Legislature in Lawmaking, challenges encountered by the ...
  • Democracy, Accountability , and Parliament 

    Pelizzo, Riccardo (NILDS, 2013-11-08)
    The paper focused on the issues of democracy, the parliament and how oversight ensures accountability.
  • Benchmarking Parliamentary Performance 

    Staddon, Anthony (NILDS, 2013-11-08)
    The paper focused on benchmarking parliamentary performance, reasons for using Benchmarks/Self Assessment Toolkits and the difficulties that may be encountered. It also dwelled on the development of systems of Benchmarking, ...
  • CRS and CBO: Dividing Labor for common practice 

    Baskin, Mark (NILDS, 2013-11-06)
    This presentation discussed the congressional research service (CRS) and the congressional budget office (CBO), tracing their histories and mandates. It also highlighted the similarities and differences between the two bodies.
  • Digitization of Archival Records: Processes and Procedures 

    Saleh, Adam Gambo (2015-03-14)
    The presentation discusses the issues of digitization of the archival records, the justifications for the digitization, as well as the guidelines for the digitization of archival materials.
  • Effective Leadership in the Legislature 

    Ekweremadu, Ike Sen. (NILDS, 2013-11-04)
    The paper discussed the concept of leadership, leadership structure in the Nigeria legislature and the ECOWAS parliament, factors determining leadership in the Legislature, as well as the qualities for effective leadership ...

    Olutoye, Olu Hezekiah (NILDS, 2013-05-01)
    The presentation discusses the budget and the budget process, highlighting the roles of the MDAs and the Parliament in the budget process.
  • Energy Poverty and the Environment: The Global North Versus the Global South 

    Onyeaku, Chukwuka (NILDS, 2015-10-10)
    Energy poverty affects poor communities and poor nations far more severely and directly than developed nations. Millions of people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America who are the energy-poor face hardship due to a lack of ...
  • Federalism and Constitutional Reform in the Fourth Nigerian Republic: Progress, Problems and Prospects 

    Suberu, Rotimi (NILDS, 2014-12-09)
    The presentation analyzes structural and institutional drivers of constitutional politics and activism, discusses contending political, civic, and ethnic perspectives on change; as well as analyzes the 2010-11 Constitutional ...
  • Indicators-General Concepts and Parliament Specific Indicators. 

    Lampo, Issifu (NILS-CAP, 2015-07-28)
    The presentation defined indicators, stated the purpose and functions of indicators, characteristics of good indicators, developing outcome indicators and highlighted the key indicators for Parliament
  • How a Bill can become Law of a state 

    Ajiboye, Niyi (NILDS, 2013-05-15)
    The presentation discussed the process of law-making, and the tools for effective law-making, particularly at the state level; and identify the dynamics/challenges of law-making in contemporary Nigeria.
  • Reversing the Persistence of Infrastructural Deficit in Nigeria: Role of the 8th National Assembly 

    Asimiyu, Abiola; Aderemi, Taiwo; Obutte, Charles (NILDS, 2015-06-24)
    The continuous challenges of infrastructure in Nigeria over the decades have been a concern to policymakers. It is more worrisome when one considers the huge expenditure that has been incurred on infrastructural development, ...
  • Internet Searching Techniques 

    Ahmed, Abdulkadir Idris (NILDS, 2015-05-22)
    The presentation focused on techniques to use while searching the internet in other to obtain relevant information.
  • Introduction to Computer Networking 

    Ahmed, Abdulkadir Idris (NILDS, 2015-05-22)
    The presentation discussed computer networks, types of networks, network configuration and components of a network. It also discussed network hardware and network topology.
  • Introduction to Library Management Software 

    Ahmed, Abdulkadir Idris (NILDS, 2015-05-22)
    This presentation focused on library automation and the integrated library management system. It also discussed all the modules that are usually contained in an integrated library management package and the OPAC.
  • Introduction to E-Learning Program 

    Vienna, Poser (NILS, 2013-11-09)
    The presentation addresses the concept of e-learning, the benefits, and the modules that can be used.
  • Legislative Research 

    Asimiyu, Abiola (2012-06-06)
    The presentation addresses Legislative research. It addressed research definitions, typology of research, and clarified Legislative Research. It also discussed research design and methodology, Legislative Research versus ...
  • Legislative-Executive Relations 

    Staddon, Anthony (NILDS, 2013-11-06)
    The presentation provides an overview of legislative-executive relations, especially in relation to the core functions of parliament, highlighting the difficulties of measuring legislative-executive relations, and considering ...
  • Parliamentary Capacity Building 

    O'Brien, Mitchell (NILDS, 2013-11-05)
    The presentation highlights organizations working with the parliaments, the change agents and the change process.

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