The Role of the National Assembly in Budget Process in Nigeria

Ngara, Christopher Ochanja ; Dasat, Habila Kawo (2020)


This paper examined the various stages in the budget process in Nigeria such as the budget preparation and submission, budget authorization, budget execution and budget evaluation/audit report; and highlighted the role of the National Assembly at each of the stages. Using descriptive method, the paper also interrogated other critical roles played by the National Assembly in the approval of budgetary frameworks such as the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), the Revenue Profile and the Debt and Debt Limit. The paper identified the challenges faced by the National Assembly in the appropriation process to include unavailability and unreliable data, shortage of skilled manpower, frequent disruption in oil production, global fluctuation in prices, corruption, late preparation/submission of budget estimates by the Executive, delays in the release of funds for capital projects as well as strained Executive-Legislative relationship. The paper concluded that for the National Assembly to effectively discharge its roles in the Nigerian budget process, it must develop and maintain effective and accurate data as well as strengthen and effectively engage supporting institutions such as the National Assembly Budget Research Office (NABRO) and the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS).