In-Feminism and Women-Women Marginalisation in Ogun State, Nigeria

Kupoluyi, Adewale K. (2021)


The importance of women in the society cannot be downplayed. Today, what has become a social problem is women-women marginalisation in politics and political process despite the fact that women constitute significant proportion of the Nigerian population. The mixed method design was used for the study, which combines both qualitative and quantitative research to describe events in greater depth. Primary data were obtained using well-structured questionnaire, randomly administered to educated women from the study area in the three Senatorial Districts of Ogun State, Nigeria. Peer-reviewed journals, books, and government publications constituted secondary data sources. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as percentages, mean, graphs, and charts. Findings showed that women-women marginalisation exists. The paper concluded that women-women marginalisation should be curtailed and recommended the need for more trust and collaboration among women, and new research such as In-Feminism, to promote women participation in politics and political process.