Effects of Staff Training and Development on Employee Performance: A Study of National Assembly Abuja

Omolayo, Adebayo Monday (2022)


Training and development is all about the skills that seem, to be necessary for the achievement of setting goals. The main objective of this study was to assess the effects of staff training and development on employee performance in the National Assembly. The specific objective was to investigate whether there is the availability of personnel with the suitable skill for performance in the National Assembly, to determine the extent of the effectiveness of training the arrangement, to find out whether or not the prevailing atmosphere is conducive enough for the trained personnel and examine the relationship between training and performance. Survey research design was the methodology used for this study, primary data was used via questionnaires that were administered on the staff of the National Assembly while secondary data '"as sourced from documented literatures such as textbooks, journals, magazine and staff Nominal Roll. The findings of the study showed that no significant relationship existed between training and performance in the National Assembly. The study further revealed that the availability of suitably skilled personnel is significantly inadequate for effective performance, that the training arrangement is not good enough to accommodate the personnel needs of the organization and that the prevailing atmosphere is significantly not conducive for the trained personnel to practice what they have learnt in training programmes. From the study. it was recommended that training should be conducted regularly for better performance, job enthusiasm and enhanced employee and organizaion performance. The National Assembly should carry out and audit to find out how, when and where trainings can be done in order to motivate employees for job satisfaction, positive leadership traits and motivation for superior performance and also provide a conducive atmosphere for the personnel to practice what they learnt in their training programmes. The study concluded that training programmes have an impact on employee performance and that such programmes should be designed based on institutional needs.