Assessment Of The Contributions Of Committee On Appropriation Of The 8th Assembly On Budget Scrutiny

Akande, Sunday Olushola (2020-10)


Parliamentary Budget Scrutiny has been a burning issue since the advent of the fourth Republic in 1999. Several reasons have been adduced for poor performance of the Committee on Appropriation that are saddled with the responsibility of Budget Scrutiny. This study assessed the contributions of the Appropriation Committee in the budget scrutiny activities of the 8th National Assembly. It also identified the challenges the Appropriation Committee of the 8th National Assembly faced during budget scrutiny process; and suggested strategies that can help to make Appropriation Committee more effective in budget scrutiny in Nigeria. Survey research method was used as a guide, therefore, questionnaire was used to collect the needed data from 45 out of 57 respondents that were selected based on the knowledge they have on the variables under scrutiny. The data that were collected and analyzed with the latest SPSS and it was presented in tables, graphs and charts. The study revealed that Budget scrutiny activities have increased tremendously by the Committee on Appropriation since 1999, but the impacts have not been felt by the Nigerians due to the challenges encountered by this Committee. These challenges include inadequate technical capacities, lack of organic budget law, and high rate of legislators’ turnover and late presentation of budget by the Executive. Therefore, the study concluded that the members of the Appropriation Committee of the National Assembly should be adequately equipped with trainings, and also should be adequately resourced.