An Assessment of Performance of the National Assembly Service Commission From 2013-2018

McTams, Anthony Agai (2021-06)


This research assessed the performance of the National Assembly Service Commission, with specific objectives to examine the mandate of the Commission in terms of recruitment, promotion and discipline, assessed its performance in the discharge of this mandate. The study also examined the challenges that militated against the Commission in the discharge of their responsibilities, and proffered measures that can be adopted to address these challenges in order to enhance the performance of the Nigerian legislature. The research adopted a survey method, which involved a field work of primary and secondary data. The samples for this research consisted of 160 staff of the National Assembly Service (the National Assembly and the National Assembly Service Commission) including few Civil Society Organizations. The findings revealed that rules regarding staff recruitment into the National Assembly Service are jettisoned to allow inexperienced staff to be recruited, so also rules on promotions and discipline are skewed. The short and long term effect was that staff productivity decline and also robust motivation packages were absent. The findings also found out that there were poor working conditions which affected the performance of staff. Training was usually carried out but knowledge acquired did not reflected on staff performance and this affected the overall processes and procedures, conduct and outcomes of legislation in the Nigerian legislature. The research recommended that, the National Assembly Service Commission be objective-based in the discharge of their mandate in terms of recruitment, promotions, and discipline, provide a conducive working environment for staff as this will enable them to perform better, put in place a robust motivation packages, train and retrain the staff because this will ensure and improve staff performance in the conduct of legislative business and in the outcomes of legislation.