Effective Library Services to the Legislature: the Need for a Consortium among Legislative Libraries in Abuja

Asogwa, Chinako ; Mmomelu, Leticia ; Daniel, Titilayo (2020-10-05)


The ever growing rate of information and publication has made it impossible for any library, however big, to acquire all the information resources needed by the users. Ownership of collection development is gradually being replaced by the need for access to information and knowledge without regard to location and format. Resource sharing among libraries has become the way out of library lack and a way to fulfil users’ satisfaction. The arrival of information and communication technologies (ICT) has increased both the convenience and efficiency of finding and producing information resources. This equips libraries with the facilities and the ease to share their information resources to a greater extent. This paper discusses the concept of resource sharing, the need for resource sharing, and methods that can be adopted for effective service delivery to library users. The article discusses how legislative libraries in Abuja can form a consortium to improve access to more collections and be able to fulfil users’ information needs. It goes further to make recommendations for procedures to be adopted for a successful consortium and consequent resource sharing programme among legislative libraries in Abuja