Assessment of the Performance of Public Accounts Committee of House of Representatives in Curbing Corruption in Nigeria, 2015-2019

Simpa, David Omonori (2021-06)


This research work was designed to assess the performance of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in curbing corruption in Nigeria. The major objectives of the study include; to examine the compliance of legal and constitutional powers of Public Accounts committee (PAC); to assess the extent to which the PAC has performed in curbing corruption in Nigeria; to identify the possible challenges encountered by PAC in performing its oversight functions; and to suggest possible ways to improve the performance of PAC in curbing corruption in Nigeria. A survey design method was used for this study. A sample of 142 staff were drawn from Legislative Aides, Staff of PAC and staff of MDAs. Relevant data for this research work was collected from both primary and secondary sources of data. The study adopted theory of Two Public as a theoretical framework. Based on these broad objectives, the findings revealed that there are legal and constitutional Powers backing PAC; furthermore, it was revealed that PAC has not performed well in curbing corruption in Nigeria; it was also revealed that there are challenges encountered by PAC in performing its oversight functions, which include; lateness in submission of reports, inability of some ministries and departments to respond to audit queries, absence of personnel with required skills, knowledge and experience in financial matters as there is no established laws and guidelines on appointment of members, executive or political interference and weak judiciary. The research therefore concluded and recommended among others that, there should be an amendment in the act establishing Public Account Committee to empower it to implement recommendations; Public Account Committee should be free from political or legal constraints that could inhibit them from carrying out their duties diligently; Public Account Committee should put in place mechanisms to curb challenges in performing their oversight functions; Knowledge and experience in Finance should be a major criteria for appointing Public Account Committee members; Public Account Committee (PAC) should partner with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the media in order to uncover unimplemented corruption cases already investigated by Public Account Committee (PAC).