Bureaucracy and Service Delivery in the National Assembly: Case Study of Senate Directorate 2015-2019

Fom, Zakka Isa (2021-06)


The Senate Directorate performed very crucial role in the legislative process of the National Assembly. As a result, the researcher undertook the study on “Bureaucracy and Service Delivery in Senate Directory of the National Assembly in the 8th Senate (2015-2019)”. The study adopted the survey design method; questionnaires were administered on a sample population of sixty-six (66) respondents selected through the purposive Sampling Technique and questions asked were in line with the three objectives of the study which examined the contributions of the bureaucracy to the eighth Senate Directorate while the second one determined the adequacy of human and material resources available to the Directorate and lastly, its challenges. From the study, it was revealed that functions of the bureaucracy included the preparation of Votes and Proceedings, Order Paper, Research and development of Procedures and Practices, staff development, numbering and gazetting of bills and administrative services for the Directorate. In the same vein, it was found out that the Directorate had inadequate working equipment, tools and materials, unstable internet service, inadequate buses to convey staff. It was also discovered that the staff clinic had inadequate drugs; and funds for the running of Committee activities were not always released and offices were inadequate including human resources. Finally, the study concluded that the bureaucracy of the Senate Directorate performed it role efficiently despite the inadequate manpower, material resources as well as poor working conditions. Therefore, the study recommended the posting of more staff to the Directorate, improved welfare, working conditions, relationships among the politicians, their aides and the bureaucrats as well as clearly specified job roles among bureaucrats and political aides.